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Zamnesia & Cannabis Vacation Sweepstakes

Want to get your hands on some of the finest cannabis seeds and accessories around? What about the chance to win a 3-day trip to Amsterdam? Well, as part of an exclusive collaboration between Zamnesia and Cannabis Urlaub, now you can!

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Founded in 2012, Zamnesia has fast become the one-stop-shop for all things cannabis. With a packed-out and ever-growing inventory that covers everything from seeds to vaporizers and smoking accessories, there's something for every cannabis connoisseur. Whether you're taking your first steps or are a lifelong veteran of the herb, Zamnesia caters for all needs and preferences.

With unrivalled service and selections on offer, there's little wonder as to why Zamnesia is the “go-to” for many cannabis enthusiasts. Their Headshop channels the classic shop experience and has plenty of bongs and glassware to enjoy. If you're looking to get your grow on, the Seedshop has you covered. With over 1,500 varieties on offer, it's easy to find your perfect seed partner. Moreover, Zamnesia's Vaporshop has plenty of vaporizers and accessories to choose from. From the portable to desktop, there's something for all.

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With so many products available, what better way to spread the word than with a partnership between Zamnesia and Cannabis Urlaub? Here you have a chance to walk away with amazing prizes from Zamnesia, or that coveted 3-day trip to Amsterdam—ideal for any cannabis fan.

Here's a rundown on the prize packages:

The Vaporizer Pack has everything you need for a flavourful and potent vape. Containing the AirVape XS Go and a 6-pack of replacement screens, you'll be good to go. At a total value of €68, this prize package is ideal for getting the best out of your herb at home or on the go.

If you've ever wanted to get into home growing, the Grow Pack will see you right. Totalling €115, this pack provides not only two packs of 3 Zamnesia seeds (of the winner's choice) but also all the pots, fertiliser, and accessories you need for a decent yield. There's even a weed curing jar that will get your buds just right for blazing. Truly everything you need from seed to harvest.

The Bong Pack offers something very special, featuring a glass bong from water pipe specialists Marley Natural—a company founded and run by the immediate family of the late musician and cannabis icon Bob Marley. Coupled with some brass screens, this pack totals €226 and is enough for any cannabis enthusiast to get busy with their herb. Flavourful, potent, and smooth pulls are the order of the day with this bong.

Lastly, those looking to step up their smoking accessory game will want to get their hands on the Zamnesia Smoking Pack. Complete with a handy grinder, storage box, rolling tray, and a whole host of items that will help you settle into a smoking session with ease—you name it, this pack has it. With a value of around €99, this smoking pack is likely to last a long time.

So, if you're feeling lucky, why not enter the Zamnesia x Cannabis Urlaub competition and have the chance of picking up some great products, or winning the 3-day trip! For all your other cannabis needs, visit the Zamnesia online store.

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Sweepstakes Conditions of Participation:

Important note: Winners will be notified promptly by mail and are asked to confirm their participation by mail. If an entry is not confirmed within 3 days, the prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be drawn. This is to ensure that all prizes are also available to our cannabis friends who have participated in the sweepstakes! 

Closing date is 27.03.2022. Employees of Zamnesia and Cannabis Urlaub and their relatives are excluded from the draw. The minimum age is 18 years.

The winners will be randomly selected within 12 hours after the closing date. All winners will be notified by mail and published on the website.

By participating in the competition, you agree to the publication of your first name and the first letter of your last name in the event of a win. If you withdraw your consent, you will be removed from the draw.

Attention: If a winner does not respond within a period of 3 days after notification with an acceptance, the claim will be definitively forfeited. A new draw will be held.

Participation in the raffle is independent of an order or a travel booking. An order or a travel booking has no influence on the chance to win. A cash payment or account crediting of the prize is excluded.

Data protection: The data you provide will only be used by Zamnesia and Cannabis Urlaub to carry out the competition.

Exclusion: A violation of the conditions of participation entitles Zamnesia or Cannabis Urlaub to exclude the respective participant from participation. This applies in particular if the participant makes false statements.

The participant may at any time request information about the data stored about his person. In addition, the privacy policy of Zamnesia and Cannabis Urlaub. The legal process is excluded.

CBD - Feminisierte Hanfsamen kaufen

Feminisierte Hanfsamen online kaufen - Weibliche Hanfsamen von hoher Qualität – Cannabis Samen mit hohem CBD Konzentration – Sensi Seeds Hanfsamenbank

Auto CBD feminisiert

Cannabissorten mit hohem THC-Gehalt sind seit Langem ein Branchenschwerpunkt, aber wir bei WeedSeedShop wissen, dass weniger manchmal mehr ist. Deshalb haben wir die Auto CBD feminisert kreiert, die ein außergewöhnliches CBD-THC-Verhältnis von 6 zu 1 aufweist.
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Diesel CBD feminisiert

Wir haben die feminisierte Diesel CBD kreiert, indem wir den Klassiker NEW YORK DIESEL mit einem CBD-reichen Strain gekreuzt haben. Infolgedessen hat unsere feminisierte Diesel CBD ein CBD-THC-Verhältnis von 1 zu 2.
ab € 7.50

Kush CBD feminisiert

Kush CBD feminisiert wurde aus der THC-reichen Kandy Kush und einer CBD-reichen Sorte kreiert. Das Ergebnis ist eine angenehm duftende Sorte, die typischerweise ein CBD-THC-Verhältnis von 2 zu 1 aufweist.
ab € 9.00

Swiss Dream Auto feminisert

Wir von der Weed Seed Shop Seed Company haben das Ziel, Sorten mit niedrigem THC- und hohem CBD-Gehalt anzubieten. Aus diesem Grund sind wir stolz darauf, die neue selbstblühende Version präsentieren zu können.
ab € 12.50

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